Ingkong (THE Holy Spirit)

From our Patriarch, as a Seminarian, to our Matriarch, St. Maria Virginia.

It all began in the year of our Lord, 1969. Inside the garden of St. Joseph Major Seminary of Ateneo de Manila in Quezon City, while having reflections in a retreat session, Brother Florentine was meditating the Word of God about the Salvation of Mankind. An old hermit appeared to him, begging for alms. He replied, If the alms you are asking me are for the salvation of the world; take me as your instrument. He was astonished upon the words he just said.

The old man illuminated suddenly, elevated for about two feet above the ground and transfigured to our Lord Jesus Christ, and said, Blessed are you for you have reached the last drop of my blood in the Calvary!

In his great fear to see our Lord Jesus in front of him, he nervously knelt down. He saw our Lord Jesus surrounded with clouds, touching his shoulder and said. From now on, you will stand and make witness to the Divine works of the Holy Spirit, and you will call Me, Ingkong. Like an old peasant along the streets, I am begging for alms, not material, nor money nor power; but I am begging for the sins in everyone's heart that give me sorrows. From your clan, I will raise the wonders of My works for the sanctification of all and My works will reach unto the farthest most part of this world.

Since then, Brother Florentino began to experience some unexplainable events of suddenly being located somewhere because Ingkong was using him to heal sick people.

One night, Mamang Viring, his mother, was awakened by the radiance of a light. A ball of light amidst with white clouds surrounded her bedroom coming from the adjacent room of her son, Florentine. When she tried to see what was happening inside, she saw the face and body of God in her son's body. Trembling in awe, she knelt down exclaiming, My God! My God!

Then God spoke to her, Maria Virginia, from this day on, you shall take My mission for mankind.

And she answered, My God, I have nine children to support. Am I worthy than your priests and nuns?

She felt such great divine power from Him and with great reverence and humble submission. She exclaimed, My Lord and My God.

And she was instructed, From your clan I will start the works of the Holy Spirit, and you will call me 'Ingkong.'